So many times I hear “excuses” for not going after that dream, take that holiday, open the business you’ve always wanted, create the lifestyle you desire…. And often the most common excuses are  “I’m too old” and “I don’t have the time”. One way we can assuage the “too old for my dream” fear  and [...]

Building an engaged community around your (Personal) Brand is one of the key strategic elements I personally apply in my business and that I teach my clients.  Facebook groups are perfect for starting and growing a community around the topic of your expertise. In today's episode I'm interviewing Nathalie Villeneuve who in 2010 started one of [...]

Are you a Baby Boomer or a Gen X’er and you would you like to start a side business online but you think you are too old to do it? Or you have a business and you would love to use live video to promote it but you don’t know where to start? Well this [...]

If you are starting an online business and you are starting from scratch, this episode is for you. I am not speaking about business plans or market analysis. I will be presenting a different approach to building your online business, based on 2 phases whereby phase 1 should allow you to start earning right away [...]

Much of society seems to be built on a scarcity mentality. A mentality that tells people that there is a lack in life. That opportunities are few and difficult to take. But the scarcity mentality can be quite painful for the individual and create a lot of unnecessary fear, anxiety and desperation. A prosperity mentality, [...]

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