LinkedIn Services

WhyLinkedIn? Because it is:

  1.  the largest international professional networking platform where you can find and be found by your perfect clients and other professionals you can create synergies with.
  2. It is a business development tool
  3. mini-website where you can build your Personal Brand and be seen as the go-to-expert in your industry.


If you are a business owner, professional, consultant, coach, speaker or author or job seeker, I can help you use LinkedIn strategically to find clients, develop your business and take the opportunities that may change your professional life.


Have a look at my LinkedIn Service Packages


★★★ LinkedIn Profile Review ★★★

This package includes a 30 minute video recorded review of your profile . You will see my computer screen and will hear my voice as I review your profile and give you my feedback and suggestions to optimise it for your business or professional career.

Price € 350 (+VAT, where applicable)


★★★ LinkedIn Business Class ★★★

This package includes four 60-minute sessions on Skype or other video conferencing platform, each one week a part. The sessions will be video recorded for your private use so that you can go back to them as many times as you want.

Session 1

I review your profile and you take notes. I will give you some homework to do: updating your profile according to my advice and instructions.

Session 2

We will fine tune and tweak your profile and I will give you additional tips to optimize it

Session 3

I will teach you how to grow your network of contacts, build relationships and increase your leads.

Session 4

15 days after session 3, we’ll assess your activity and results on LinkedIn and make all necessary adjustments.

Price € 750 (+VAT, where applicable)


★★★ Done For You ★★★

You’ll be working on your business and I will be working on your LinkedIn profile.

You will need to give me access to your LinkedIn Profile, website and provide all the visuals, branding and information I need to make you stand out on LinkedIn.

Price starts at € 1000. Contact me here for a customized quote.