LinkedIn Services

WhyLinkedIn? Because it is:

  1.  the largest international professional networking platform where you can find and be found by your perfect clients and other professionals you can create synergies with.
  2. It is a business development tool
  3. mini-website where you can build your Personal Brand and be seen as the go-to-expert in your industry.


If you are a business owner, professional, consultant, coach, speaker or author or job seeker, I can help you use LinkedIn strategically to find clients, develop your business and take the opportunities that may change your professional life.


Have a look at my LinkedIn Service Packages


★★★ LinkedIn Profile Review ★★★

This package includes a 30 minute video recorded review of your profile . You will see my computer screen and will hear my voice as I review your profile and give you my feedback and suggestions to optimise it for your business or professional career.

Price € 350 (+VAT, where applicable)


★★★ LinkedIn Business Class ★★★

This package includes two 3 hour sessions on Skype or other video conferencing platform, each one week a part. The sessions will be video recorded for your private use so that you can go back to them as many times as you want.

Session 1

I review your profile and you take notes. I will give you some homework to do: updating your profile according to my advice and instructions.

Session 2

We will fine tune and tweak your profile and I will give you additional tips to optimize it. I will teach you how to grow your network of contacts, build relationships and increase your leads.

Follow Up

15 days after session 2, we’ll assess your activity and results on LinkedIn and make all necessary adjustments in a 90 minute session on Skype.

Price € 750 (+VAT, where applicable)



★★★ LinkedIn for Companies★★

I work with small to mid-sized companies in Italy and worldwide with specific LinkedIn trainings and strategy consulting to help them grow and expand their business internationally.


  • Optimize your LinkedIn company page to promote your corporate brand and culture
  • Optimize  your employees’ profiles  so that they can be your company’s best testimonials
  • Teach you how to create long-lasting relationships with your network and increase leads
  • Train you and your team on how to use LinkedIn to position your company and increase your visibility on this platform
  • Coach your sales team how to proactively reach out to prospects and implement a social selling strategy with remarkable results
  • Create a complete LinkedIn Marketing Plan to grow your business through LinkedIn by generating more leads, researching on target audience, setting up your LinkedIn Company Page,choosing the best Account,  planning and executing lead generation campaigns.

To train your team on LinkedIn, contact me here for a personalized quote.