What’s New On Facebook Pages

 Finally good news! Pages are for business and we can now start (re-)using a privileged place for our advertising: the Cover Image on our page!

Recently Facebook changed their page guidelines on Cover Images. Previously you were not allowed to show any price, product information, contact information or call to actions. Now you can.

As you can see, the only “old” rule that still applies to Cover Images is that you cannot exceed 20% text. This way News Feeds remain visually “tidy” and is not covered by huge advertisements.


FB cover rules


Here’s an example of a beautifully designed page cover image, used by Mari Smith on her page to reflect FB new guidelines. For those of you who don’t know Mari (is there really anyone who doesn’t know her yet?), she is “the” Facebook expert.

marismith new cover

As you can see, she has used the right side of the image for most of her 20% text. One important note: remember cover images are photos, so links are not clickable there. Therefore remember to include the clickable link in the image description as in her example.



 mariesmith cover description

I said that the 20% text rule still applies because this way the News Feed remains visually “tidy”. What does the cover image have to do with the News Feed?

I quote Mari Smith: “(…)  when the shiny new News Feed rolls out, whenever someone likes your fan page, a portion of your cover image will go out into the News Feed of that person’s friends. This is something to get excited about and to keep in mind when designing your future cover images. Along with the new relaxed rules, you’ll want to get strategic about what you place and where, given only a portion of the cover image seems to display in the News Feed.”

So when someone likes your page, your cover image along with your profile image will show in the News Feed of that person’s friends. And for Place Pages, when a client checks in a map with the location will show in the News Feed of that person’s friends. COOL! Can you see the implications?

If you are not sure whether your cover image exceed the 20% text limit, here is a nice tool you can use to test it: http://coverphoto.paavo.ch/


Reply Feature On Pages

Facebook pages now have a nice Reply Feature so that users can reply directly to the comments left on their page. This means that, instead of leaving a response to a comment way after new ones have been added, you are now able to reply each individual comment and responses will be posted under the original comment too. FINALLY!

FB reply feature


This will help you to interact individually with your readers, keep relevant conversations going and promote– magic word – ENGAGEMENT.

For the time being, threaded replies will be automatically applied to profiles with more than 10,000 followers and opt in for business Pages until July 10, 2013. To opt in, visit the Replies option through the Page admin panel.  

Let me know if you can see marked changes in your statistics and engagement using your Cover Image and Reply feature. As you know I love hearing from you and your feedback and comments are very important to me. Leave your comments here or share to your favourite Social Networks.

To your prosperity and success