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This is our brand new membership program where we teach people just like you how to plan, create and grow amazing location-independent businesses around their Personal Brand.

The program is currently in beta test. If you are interested in being a beta tester and access the program at a very special price, click on the link below.

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A brand new tool that will help you plan your days, weeks and months and develop a prosperity mindset to achieve your financial goals. An innovative step-by-step guide that will guide and support you to become the person you need to be to achieve your goals and take good care of your money by integrating productivity and accounting strategies, motivational exercises, accountability and powerful mind-body techniques.

Currently available only in Italian. Click here for a sneak peek of the planner.

Also available in English and Spanish in 2018.

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Monthly coaching program to remove the obstacles that hold you back and that prevent you from achieving your financial goals.

We will go deep into the thoughts and paradigms that determine your current situation and we'll teach a simple mind-body technique that will help you dissolve those paradigms.

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Join our community on LinkedIn and Facebook  where you can learn and share Personal Branding, Online Networking and Community Building Strategies for your online business success with other like-minded  entrepreneurs and professionals.


"I would highly recommend Paola, you will be truly amazed at what you can achieve and discover about yourself with her support" - Cristiana Durante, certified Dream Builder Coach

"I have appreciated Paola's expertise and professionalism on several occasions: both in her capacity as Community Director of PWA Rome and as a Social Media Expert when I decided to attend her course "Find Be Found Linked4profit - 30 Days Linkedin Challange" to improve my personal Linkedin profile. I firmly recommend her as a Communication Expert" - Michela Lazzé, Exclusive Rentals

"I have participated in a 1 day intensive with Paola, entirely devoted to LinkedIn optimization and lead generation strategies. This intensive changed my vision and approach to LinkedIn and has helped me develop my skills and the right strategies to increase contacts and generate interesting and potentially lucrative connections. Paola Devescovi, coach and digital business expert has created an approach that is pragmatic, innovative and full of interesting interpersonal gems. Perfect for the busy businessman/woman, like me, looking for innovation, action, step-by-step guidance and growth" - Ann Flynn, Product Scout & International Sales at WhiteOpis.com