[007]The 4 Pillars of Social Selling

What exactly is Social Selling? Is it the same as Personal Branding? Do combine the two?

These are some of the questions I’ve been asked by some of my customers and my audience and I’ve decided to devote this episode of the ProsperityOnAir podcast to try and shed some light on the concept of Social Selling.


That’s what we will discuss

  • What is Social Selling
  • The 4 Pillars of Social Selling
  • LinkedIn measurement index (SSI)
  • Why it is important to integrate video into your branding strategy
  • 9 actionable tips to integrate Social Selling into your business


Links for this episode

Linkedin SSI

Now it’s your turn: what is 1 action you can make right now to start implementing social selling?

Remember to share as much detail as possible in your comments: many people come here every week for inspiration and advice, so I encourage you share your thoughts. Your experience and insights may inspire and trigger a meaningful change for someone else. And if you have someone in your life who could benefit from this podcast, share this post with them – they’ll thank you for it.

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