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Hi, I’m Paola Devescovi and I’m a multi passionate Internet enterpreneur, Personal Brand, Social Media, and Wealth coach, consultant and trainer.

On  my website you will find a wide range of content, videos,resources, products and services that  will give you just the support your need to turn your passions into a profitable online business, thus creating Freedom and Prosperity in your life, at any age.

Project Prosperity is my life project, my contribution to  Small Businesses Owners, Self-Employed Professionals and Freelancers who are ready to develop, optimize and promote their Personal Brand, Web Presence, build or expand their business tapping into the power of leading technologies, and create FREEDOM and PROSPERITY in their business and lives.


We help them:

  • Turn their idea into a profitable online business
  • Find their clients online and increase their visibility
  • Customise their offering to their customers’ real needs
  • Integrate recurring income solutions into their business
  • Use LinkedIn and other Social Media as a business development and networking tool
  • Expand and promote their business internationally
  • Remove obstacles that limit their earning capacity


We offer our consulting, coaching (one-to-one and group sessions) and training programs:

  • online: from the comfort of our customers’ home or office on Skype and using cutting edge online conferencing technologies;
  • in person: seminars and workshops in selected locations or at the customer’s office.

Under the Prosperity Shop tab you will find detailed information for each individual service and program.



Something about me

headshot4profileI am the mother of two lovely children. For 25 years I have worked as a free-lancer conference interpreter and translator.  Then, one day life presented a few challenges that forced me to start form scatch. It hasn’t been an easy process at all: it required a lot of inner work to understand what I could and, especially, what I wanted to do.

My biggest challenge? Fear of failure. I guess many of you have been  – or still are – there too. And this fear was accompanied by many other conditioning thoughts about myself and my ability to re-create a new life for myself and my children, especially considering the fact that I was turning 50. Who is it going to listen to me? How can I compete with all those young, talented, beautiful, capable enterpreneurs out there? What can I offer?

In this journey I have learnt what to me is the most important principle for a successful life: DON’T QUIT! even if circumstances are so bad that you don’t see any other way out. This principle – and my investment in my self-development, professional and spiritual growth – has guided  my path and has helped me build my company and form joint ventures with other entepreneurs, create an app for smarthphones (I would have never thought I could embark in such a venture!), become an international published author, learn new skills and experiment new businesses, create VA Academy, become a member of the International Advisory Board of the Professional Woman Network and Community Director for the Professional Women Association of Rome all this while I was a single mom of two teenagers on my own.

I have had lots of downs and some good wins. I have grown through breaking through many challenges and I want to share what I have learnt to help others – especially the not so young – who think they don’t have a second chance.

I learned a lot, I continue to learn day after day. I believe that education is a life-long investment. And today I can say that I’m following my passion of helping others discover their potential to live a fulfilling and happy life, seize the opportunities that life inevitably puts before us and understand that prosperity, in all its forms, is not something that only a few lucky people can achieve: it already exists inside ourselves. All we need to do is bring it out!

I’m really looking forward to sharing my knowledge and helping you create Freedom in Business and Prosperity in Life!

From my heart, to yours