[013] Age is no obstacle to new Beginnings

Sometimes age is an excuse for not making a change or not taking our life to a new level. But the truth is that it’s never too late for new beginnings. At some point in life, women especially tend to feel too old for new projects. Being a mature woman instead offers great opportunities in personal life and in business. Mature women know better themselves, often have a deeper awareness of who they are and a deeper sense of freedom.

To Faith Barnard age was no obstacle to her personal development and to entrepreneurship. This episode of ProsperityOnAir is a special rebroadcast of the interview with this beautiful soul and wonderful woman, who is no longer with us. She has been a great inspiration in my life as entrepreneur and as woman and I will never forget her.

In her 50s Faith defined her life: “a union of spirituality, entrepreneurship, personal development, well being…”.  50s to her: like “a reboot.

Growing older we can all continue staying flexible and open; we don’t have to use age as an alibi to stop learning. The characteristics of the mature age can benefit our business and this can be a brand new chapter in our professional and personal life.


This is what we’ll cover:

  • Being a woman in her 50s
  • The importance of a strong spiritual life to reach a balance
  • Suggestions to overcome internal and external obstacles and start a new business/career

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Website: http://faithbarnard.com/
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Now it’s your turn! Growing older, which challenges are you facing?

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