[012] Balance: Key to Success and Prosperity

What is the biggest challenge and what are the major internal and external obstacles, that a person and specifically a woman has to face when building a new business? And how to balance the desired professional success and personal prosperity?

Today’s episode is dedicated to a special rebroadcast of my interview with Michelle Dawson.

Michelle Dawson, as Founder and President of Catalyst Enterprises International, is devoted to “help organizations and individuals turn potential into performance”.

For Michelle success is a continuous process consisting of balance.

Sometimes career success means public success and private failure. Often women have to face this condition. Balance is the key to achieving career dreams, while bringing prosperity to life.

Balance is: setting goals and at at the same time setting some necessary boundaries. Wholeness and balance are precious prosperity secrets for all of us. In fact our mindset plays a fundamental role in developing a flourishing business.



This is what we’ll cover:

  • How to empower yourself and to set your mindset, when starting a new business
  • The importance of having a system
  • Precious characteristics of “vintage women”
  • How to build ourselves as a Brand
  • Balance and prosperity secrets”
  • Power of femininity in business. As co-author of the book: A view from the top: Exceptional Leadership Strategies for Women  Michelle Dawson focuses on professional women. She helps them using their femininity and unique gifts to create a prosperous career.


Links for this episode:


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellebrowndawson/

Website: http://www.catalystenterprise.com/

Michelle Dawson’s new book: The Dash Factor: Where Purpose is revealed and Destiny is fulfilled

Michelle Dawson’s E-course: Get F.O.C.U.Sed


Now it’s your turn! What does prosperity mean to you?

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To your success and prosperity