[006] Live Video Strategies for Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers

Are you a Baby Boomer or a Gen X’er and you would you like to start a side business online but you think you are too old to do it? Or you have a business and you would love to use live video to promote it but you don’t know where to start?

Well this episode is definitely for you.

My guest today is a social media specialist who has built a solid personal brand online using video very strategically. In this interview she is revealing her video content strategy and how she uses YouTube, Instagram Stories and Snapchat in her business.

Lorri Ratzlaffis a social media expert and Gen X entrepreneur  whose mission to help people of her generation embrace social media and live video to tell their story and to increase awareness of their brand and business.


That’s what we will discuss

  • The specific challenges for Baby Boomers and Gen Xers
  • Tips for starting an online business If you had to advise a baby boomer who is just starting out, who is not techie, and wants to create an online business, what would you suggest?
  • Features, netiquette, algorithms YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. How to best use these platforms and why?
  • Equipment for starting with video
  • How to choose the best Social Media for your personal brand

Links for this episode

You can learn more about Lorri and about Gen X Social at the following links.


Website: http://the50plusentrepreneur.website

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GenXSocial/

Email: support@the50plusentrepreneur.website

Now it’s your turn: Are you using video extensively to promote your Personal Brand? And if you are not, what is your concern or resistance to using video?

Remember to share as much detail as possible in your comments: many people come here every week for inspiration and advice, so I encourage you share your thoughts. Your experience and insights may inspire and trigger a meaningful change for someone else. And if you have someone in your life who could benefit from this podcast, share this post with them – they’ll thank you for it.

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