[014] Success As a Result of Failure

In life everyone has baggage and it may happen that this baggage affects our personal and professional life in a negative way. In fact, who we are and what we do is also the result of our past experiences. Sometimes this emotional baggage and our past can become oppressive. For example, if relationships always fail for the same reasons, if the way we are perceived is often wrong, then it’s time for a self-reflection.

We can improve our life by taking responsibility of our choices and actions. The first step to understand what is not going well in life is to be honest with ourselves. It is very important to analyze for example our habits and how we communicate. If we start to accept responsibility, we can change our behavior for the better. In today’s episode I am very honoured to talk with Linda H. Williams about this topic and how to achieve success, even after a difficult past.

Linda has been homeless, an alcoholic, a victim of domestic violence, hopeless and helpless. Now Linda empowers women as an insight and wisdom coach. She is also a facilitator, motivational speaker and author. Linda says: “Everyone has a past“. But the past must not define our present and our present has not to be held hostage by our past. It is possible to take responsibility for our own life and control the negative emotions, which lead to self-sabotage.  Linda H. Williams inspires women into positive action. Helping people taking responsibility for themselves, means also helping them face their own fears.

Linda is now working a her new new book: “There is Life After”, an anthology about experiences of people of their “life after” traumas, losses, transitions, changes. If you have this kind of story to share with Linda, please contact her.

This is what we’ll cover:


  • Everyone has a past
  • How our past affects our present
  • How to take responsibility for your life
  • The reasons, which lead to self-sabotage 
  • Our limiting beliefs and our fears, that may keep us stuck
  • Positive thinking and positive action to break the vicious cycle
  • It’s your responsibility to change your life and your behavior
  • Tips to start being more aware about what you are creating in life and in business

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Linda H. Williams Website: www.lindahwilliams.com

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E-mail address: linda@lindahwilliams.com

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Now it’s your turn! Which is one thing you can do to start and take responsibility for your life?


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