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What is the biggest challenge and what are the major internal and external obstacles, that a person and specifically a woman has to face when building a new business? And how to balance the desired professional success and personal prosperity? Today’s episode is dedicated to a special rebroadcast of my interview with Michelle Dawson. Michelle Dawson, [...]

Building an engaged community around your (Personal) Brand is one of the key strategic elements I personally apply in my business and that I teach my clients.  Facebook groups are perfect for starting and growing a community around the topic of your expertise.   In today’s episode I’m interviewing Nathalie Villeneuve who in 2010 started one [...]

What exactly is Social Selling? Is it the same as Personal Branding? Do combine the two? These are some of the questions I’ve been asked by some of my customers and my audience and I’ve decided to devote this episode of the ProsperityOnAir podcast to try and shed some light on the concept of Social [...]

Are you a Baby Boomer or a Gen X’er and you would you like to start a side business online but you think you are too old to do it? Or you have a business and you would love to use live video to promote it but you don’t know where to start? Well this [...]

  Welcome to the ProsperityOnAir podcast! I’m really excited to start this new adventure! Another piece of freedom and prosperity I’m adding to my business. As you know, building and running a location-independent business, making it profitable, tapping into the power of Social Networks, systems, finding the ideal clients and retaining those clients, developing a [...]

(Originally posted in the March issue of  PWA monthly newsletter) As branding expert William Arruda says in his article on Forbes: “If you are going to choose only one personal branding tool to invest time in, choose LinkedIn. With a smart profile and a well-honed strategy, LinkedIn can become your powerful partner in long-range branding [...]

Sue Price is one of the amazing women I had the pleasure to interview while working on my chapter for the PWN book “The Female Leader: Empowerment, Confidence And Passion”. Sue blogs about mindset and business tips for home-based business owners. She also does affiliate marketing. Before coming online she built several businesses.   She has worked [...]

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