Sometimes I struggle with managing my time properly. And you? If you often feel stressed and overwhelmed, it may be you are facing problems with time management. It’s important to focus on being more productive, instead of constantly feeling exhausted and burned-out. The time traps are those tasks, which suck your time and don’t [...]

We are constantly exposed to distractions every day and focusing require discipline. The ability to focus varies from person to person, but everyone can learn to focus more effectively. Personally, I often find it difficult to focus. There are so many things I have to think of and deal with in my business, that I [...]

If you are a little bit like me, you have long to-do lists, full of things that you keep on your list forever because there is always something more important to do than dealing with them. But are they really important? In an article published on LinkedIn, Greg McKeown – author of the New York [...]