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What exactly is Social Selling? Is it the same as Personal Branding? Do combine the two? These are some of the questions I’ve been asked by some of my customers and my audience and I’ve decided to devote this episode of the ProsperityOnAir podcast to try and shed some light on the concept of Social [...]

Are you a Baby Boomer or a Gen X’er and you would you like to start a side business online but you think you are too old to do it? Or you have a business and you would love to use live video to promote it but you don’t know where to start? Well this [...]

If you are new to social media or if you use them mainly for your personal social activities – i.e. keeping in touch with friends – you may not be sure if you are doing the right thing to use them professionally. We cannot not to be public in today’s world. Chances are that if [...]

   Networking through social media is a great way to build up your professional contacts and essential to growing your network. Many people believe that networking is what you need to do to get a job or a new client. Yes, it may lead to this. However, networking is about establishing relationships that provide you with valuable feedback [...]

When I coach my clients on developing their branding or personal branding strategies, a substantial part of my work with them revolves around defining their audience and where their audience is. Surprisingly for me, they often don’t know who their target audience is and, even less where they are. And for this very reason they end [...]

Why? For at least three very good reasons: 1. It’s like every relationship in your life: if you keep talking about yourself,sooner or later the other person will get tired of you. Similarly, if you keep speaking about and selling your products/services to your audience, they’ll get annoyed (I’m annoyed all the time, whenever I [...]

Recently I have re-organized my business and the content I publish to address the specific requests I’m receiving from a very special group of customers, I group that is particularly dear to my heart since I belong to this group too and I went through – and still go through – the same frustrations, concerns, [...]

  “I feel I’m in the best place I’ve probably been in my life. 50s to me is an opportunity for you to step into the fact that you’ve had time to grow and know yourself. It’s new beginnings” ~ Faith Barnard When I was listening to the interview with Faith Barnard to write my chapter [...]

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