[011] 4 time traps that destroy your productivity and that can be easily eliminated forever


Sometimes I struggle with managing my time properly. And you? If you often feel stressed and overwhelmed, it may be you are facing problems with time management. It’s important to focus on being more productive, instead of constantly feeling exhausted and burned-out. The time traps are those tasks, which suck your time and don’t let grow your business, holding you back from your success.

Thus in today’s episode of ProsperityOnAir podcast, I will talk about time management. Actually, instead of using the expression: manage the time, I prefer to say: optimize the way you organize your time.


We will see, which are 4 time traps, that suck your energies, without being profitable for your business. And we will see the necessary steps to take back control of your time.

These tips are very important for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals. Probably you have already heard many times the following recommendation:  as a business owner it’s necessary to work on your business, not in your business!

Following these tips you will discover how much time you can save and how to take your time off! And you can also learn how to put these unproductive tasks on someone’s else to-do list, delegating for example to a VA.


No matter what your time trap is, there is always a solution for it!


This is what we’ll cover

  • 4 time traps
  • Tips to get these traps out of your life forever
  • Tasks you can delegate to a VA


A free download for you:  the “Time Management Workbook”



Now it’s your turn! Which is your biggest struggle, when it comes to organize your time?


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Thank you for listening!

To your success and prosperity