VA Academy

vaa-vertVAAcademy is a project that I have launched with Silvana Cinus, a friend and a colleague, expert in Network Marketing. It is the result of a specific need during one of our projects together.

Running a “location-independent” business is a mission and a vision that  Silvana and I have always shared. But achieving this goal alone was not only very demanding, it was also limiting that very freedom that has inspired and characterized all our activities. We needed to delegate some “time robbers” – the daily activities that are very important for any business that prevent entrepreneurs and professionals from focusing on the productive activities – to somebody who was a  “digital nomad” like us.

We have looked for a bilingual Virtual Assistant for a long time, but we found no one who had the skills and expertise we were looking for. Not only. Speaking with other business owners and professionals, we realized we were not the only ones who needed that kind of support. Indeed, the need for a VA was much more common than we thought.

VAs are very popular abroad but this profession is still uncommon in Italy . So we decided to create  VAAcademy to train and certify bilingual VAs specialized in leading web technologies  and Web-related tasks, including online event organization and support, content management, translation, management of lead generation campaigns, Social Media management and other common task. For the time being the courses are in Italian, but we will promote our courses on the international market.


In the video (in Italian) below Silvana and I explain why we have founded VA Academy.


If you think VA Academy is for you or if you know someone who might be interested in becoming a Certified Virtual Assistant, visit