[009] Virtual Assistant: work from home creating the desired lifestyle

So many times I hear “excuses” for not going after that dream, take that holiday, open the business you’ve always wanted, create the lifestyle you desire…. And often the most common excuses are  “I’m too old” and “I don’t have the time”.

One way we can assuage the “too old for my dream” fear  and “no time” excuse is to let go of how the dream will be achieved and start taking baby steps towards that dream.  There may be alternative routes to the dream that we didn’t see because we were focusing on one particular method.  We need to be open to follow unexpected paths when they present themselves to us. It may be challenging, but is definitely worth it. Too often our lifestyle is determined by circumstances; if we stick to our projects we can eventually change them and create the lifestyle we desire.


In today’s episode you will meet Jutta Dudley who didn’t let either age or time interfere with her desire of creating a lifestyle that better suits her values, desires and dreams and started her new Virtual Assistant online business while still working at her full time job.



This is what we will talk about:

  • Change career facing the fears
  • The advantages of working at home
  • The advantages for people who choose to delegate to a VA
  • It’s necessary to organize its own life, in order to organize other people’s life


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